[ESO] Morrowind – First Impressions

I’ve been playing Morrowind expansion in ESO for a few days now, since it was ridiculous: a) get it now and play now, because “preorder”; b) get it on 6th and play on 6th, because “release date”. So if you bought the game on 5th, you could play on 5th, or you could wait for release date, and play it on 6th…

Warden is an interesting new class that is both scary and funny. Scary, because woah baby, did I just make myself a crown of ice? Hell yeah I did! Is that bear my follower, and is beating everyone the hell up? You betcha. And ridiculous because you summon a fairy circle of mushrooms to heal your ass.

It’s a good class for people who have some semblance as how to play the game. Why? Because I play as DD (damage dealer) as my main. I made myself this warden High Elf (I really dislike that race tbh, Dunmers are just so handsome, and Wood Elves are adorably sexi, but high elves? everything’s poop colored, why? Face markings – light brown, hair color – light brown, eye color – fifty shades of brown, and not the good human brown, like Indian people or Asians sometimes are, no. This is weird yellow-brown, like bad runs. I’ll take greenish blue skin of Dunmer any day instead), and I kick ass. We fought a land boss, me and this 400+ DD, and he was constantly dying. I took 2 healing abilities just so I could keep him up, but he still died and I caused both damage, tanking, and healing, and I nearly killed the bastard, but then DD died again, and there were too many mobs around for me to roll out of the damage field. So, it’s a great class if you already have experience in roll, dodge, step out of the red circle of death.

Newcomer? Go ahead, but don’t be disappointed when you pick up a different class and realize you’re underpowered. It just feels that way.

There’s a ton of new furniture, for which I am happy, and a gorgeous cheap house at the end of Vvardenfell (+300k for two stories, basement, balcony, and a huge yard). New gear, new adventures, new quests. It’s fun, but so far I still don’t know why they call it “expansion”. It’s a big fat DLC, nothing more special about it more than say, Wrothgar was. So if you’re up to wait for good discounts – go ahead. I saw it for 18 bux over at kinguin


Log [2017-06-06]

Week so far is tad strange. But so far it’s not too bad.

I worked myself out of the stupor, made a ton of beautiful things, and will now schedule patreon too, so that patrons get the most for the support, and love that they give me.

It’s weird how both too sunny, and too overcast are both very bad for pictures. I can work it out of the picture either way, but that’s exactly it, it means more work on the photographs.

The paintings are going slower, but they’re still going. I’m a bit annoyed that the colors in pallet get all kinds of weird – they either dry out their oils, or their oils turn them into goo. Deep-dishes are a bit bad if you’re not using large amounts of paint at once.

Sold last of the encased flower pendants, so now I’ve no more actual flower pieces. I should get more, but gathering nature’s materials for crafting is very bothersome…

Sunday: Summary [29-04]

Oh, so many things happened.

The week started with deep-ass depression, really I felt like this was it, I can’t continue with things. And I feel best when I work, so being unable to work means I feel even worse in the long run. But bit by bit, encouraged by friends, I pushed a sentence after a sentence, a bend after a bend, and a stroke after a stroke. Blog entries were all over the place, I admit, but at least they were there.

I played some extra video games on mute, just so I could listen to audio books while doing mundane things as gathering silk, so that the beast in me that requires I work all the time doesn’t think I slack. In the end that really de-stressed me, so I’m grateful to have all those games, so many of them being given to me by friends.

Books are great, and I encourage each and every single one of you, even those who read one book every few month, join some book-y community. Felicia Day’s “Vaginal Fantasy” is great, for instance, and no, it’s not just for the ladies, they read all kinds of romance stories, weird, normal, fantasy, sci-fi, and yes, queer too. The people you connect with will be worth the effort. I promise you a sense of accomplishment when you finish a book everyone’s now reading, and you can join into the discussion too. I’m lucky to say that I have a lot of reader friends, one of them is this wonderful young woman, from [P.S. I Love That Book], and her videos inspire me to read more. She’s a living proof that no matter what book you pick up – it’s good, and that you do need to expand your horizons on your own, because marketing will not do it for you.

And she’s not the only reading friend that I’ve got! There’s two that pry the door open for books I’d like to read, but feel… Well, bad about reading them, I felt afraid to review them, but they, eventually, made it feel normal, and perfectly fine. There’s one who is just getting into the booky stuff via crafting and listening to audio books, and I’m real happy for her. And then there’s one who gives a whole new perspective to books, because she likes them for whole different reasons, and makes all of us see what we might have missed.

I also made two pieces of jewelry, one is not yet finishes, because I want a different chain for it, which just never came, so I guess I’ll have to figure it out, and the other one is already on [<a href=”http://soukyan.etsy.com”>Etsy</a>%5D and is called Fisher King and Nimue (lady of the lake), due to the bead primarily purpose: to be visible underwater from afar. I sold a fair amount of jewelry too, so I really need to step up my game before I ran out of everything except earrings. Earrings are rare sale, really, I don’t think many people wear them anymore, which is perfectly fine, I like making necklaces and bracelets more anyway!

Two wonderful artists offered to make commissions on my behalf. People donate to my fundraiser, and they do commissions for those people in exchange. I admit, I might have teared up a bit when I read what they’re doing. Why would you sacrifice your time for someone you barely, if at all, know? But there’s kind people on this Earth.

And thank You to my Patrons, all four of you. Know that I’d understand completely if one day you decide that this was enough for you, and you’d like to move on ❤ I appreciate the thought and time you spent there, and there’s really nothing I won’t show a bit later to public anyway. I’m saying this, because all four of you are my friends, okay? If you were strangers, this talk wouldn’t be happening, I promise!

So, all in all, this was a bad-to-good week. I have hope again.

Promo: MaitsoKane

This wonderful, beautiful person, and artist, MaitsoKane, has offered their own skill for the cause of the strangers. I am beyond honored.

Her style is amazing, and she’s offering commissions for 15eur donation over at [Saving Home], and you can read more about it here: [Helping out friends, please read]

*show [them] proof
*portraits only
* look at [their] art before you commission
* [they] will draw OC’s if you provide enough info
* you can’t commission both of us, if you want two works, you need to donate at least 30€ (read the link description and this will make sense)


Sunday: Summary

This week was both good and bad in fairly equal measures, I dare say. Every bad thing was counteracted with a good thing, and every random good thing – with a bad thing, so I don’t even know how to evaluate it, but here goes nothing anyway:

A friend visited me on Monday, found her loitering on a warehouse rooftop with a puzzle book, waiting for me to come from a lesson. We went for a walk around the town, I told her that they’re planning to tear down one of the three chimneys of our Power Plant, she got me a pizza, and then we went for this store with weird old junk in it. Just to find that it is no longer open, the windows are broken, and the door aren’t locked. I must say, I’m no fan of rats, so I was very hesitant of going in there, but then she assured me she sees none and that she’s hunting them down for me if need be. Which I trusted she would do due to reasons I won’t disclose for her sake. As we walk through the rooms (I really can’t stand the damp smell of old shower places, so we didn’t stay long on that side of the building, and other side was just a tad too dark due to having no windows), trying to light our way with our phones, some kids, almost full fledged teenagers walk in too. So imagine, we stand there in the dark, admiring peeling paints, looking behind broken counters, and these three kids find us there. They stopped in their tracks, possibly because we were too lazy to take our shades off. Possibly because one of us had a knife that we used to move suspicious things aside. They greeted us like this was the most normal situation you can be in, and when we assured them we’re here for most likely same reasons as they are – to snap some pics, they moved on, further in, to break more glass.

I never knew that building to have that many rooms really. Shower facilities were huge, which is also surprising, since that building was a banquet hall, but I guess since it’s located five steps away from the lake, it makes sense to have showers to wash off too. Other side of the building, after the hall itself lost the purpose, since Lithuania forgot its vacation little town, and we got abandoned, became used furniture + used clothes store. There was an abandoned shoe laying about, and someone has made a literal hole in the wall towards the balcony. Now that I think of it, it would’ve been nice to find actual doors to balcony. But anyway, my friend went through the hole, I was too hesitant. The idea of getting stuck is very unappealing.

After that we went towards my home, where we watched a couple movies, and she carried a ton of my books back home for me, while I carried the drinks we got at the store.

Later on that week I got bad news that mum lost her job, and that the project for summer was canceled, so I’m in a lot of hurry to find a bigger source of income than I have right now. Tutoring doesn’t pay that well in summer, and not that many people need translations. Better news were that one of the debts is probably gonna get smaller monthly payments, so I might actually managed to pull through it in autumn, IF I survive through the summer. And then two more Patrons happened, tho admittedly one of them is again a friend of mine. But then, it’s also very nice to know that your friends care about you and/or your work that much.

Promo // Kell from Shades of Magic // V.E. Schwab


Victoria Schwab has created the greatness trilogy called Shades of Magic, and Kell was pretty damn awesome. On top of it, she has an active YouTube Channel [V.E. Schwab], which I enjoy visiting now and then.

P.S. She has this enormous ginger cat ❤
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