Log | What’s Up?

Just wanted to come around and say “hi”. And then I also wanted to ask how are you? Is everything alright? How your day been? How’s work, family, home? Are you sleeping enough? How’s your health?

I’ve not been painting much lately, I’ve not been crafting much lately either. For one, I discovered new ways of doing things, and now am waiting for supplies for two months, and have requested a re-send too, since I think it’s missing. This is what you get for seeking out the cheapest sources. I guess it’s fair, actually. For painting, I ran out of pink, which is so strange, I usually run out of black first, but lately I don’t even have that color prepped.

Father got really sick at the start of this week, shivering, fainty, feeling ill, pains in his sides and heart region. We’re not sure what it is, and he refuses to go to the doctors for something he finds to be a nuisance. Meaning I pretty much spent all my money on meds instead. Well, what can you do, right? Health is priceless in the long run.

Mother is juggling a cold on top of all her troubles, and they kindly postponed her goddamn vertebrae treatment session again. The woman’s just in excruciating pain, she’ll wait, sure. And I’ll continue to pull all-nighters to cover the cost of the painkillers which are the only things that keep her hanging on.

I’m upset, of course, but I made peace with this life. Just need to figure out how to make through it now.


The Late Summary

Been in a deep dark hole, as you might imagine from all the absence. But I’m trying to get back into it, so hopefully this is the last super late summary:

  • Friend got two tickets to Addams Family musical, and took me there. It was a perfectly timed day. She received the package with my new tablet. I received the package with new SSD (old HDD got so slow that both work and pleasure became torture). She helped me put it into my laptop and we went out. On our way out, I checked mail box, as I always do, and found another slip for mail. It was the dearly awaited, magically fast here Irn-Bru package and a postcard from Japan. Irn-Bru tastes like one Lithuanian drink we had in the past. Ours got extinct, hope it doesn’t happen to Irn-Bru for it is one damn glorious soda.
  • There was still time until the play, so we went to a zoological museum. Bisons and mooses are scary, I tell you, they’re enormous and I do not wish to witness what power bodies like that can hold. I’ve already seen that video of a moose running through snow that was up to its chest, like it was barely anything. No thank you.
  • The play itself was mediocre. And that’s only due to writing. Story itself was poor, characters weren’t true to the characters. Wednesday was no more than an angry teenager who screams at her parents when she doesn’t get what she wants, her brother was a bit too attached to his sister, and uncle Fester could not have been any more creepy if he wanted too, I never cringed so hard watching anything. But. Actors really did their best, and you could tell they’re putting their hearts into this. And there were some good and memorable jokes, even if I couldn’t tell you a single song.
  • Theater itself amused me to no ends. It was so over-the-top refined. I kept hearing that Lithuanian song in my brain “auntie, let me into the theater, I wish to experience the magic of scene, come on auntie, just let me into the theater, I wish to revive the dwindling flames!” of the old-school post-soviet theaters that we had, with these bulky ladies at the door checking your tickets and ushering you in, with no pretense to it. Not complaining, of course. And theater itself was beautiful too.
  • Had a very mighty food poisoning, resulting in three very bad days, and a lot of coconut water. Luckily, I love coconut water.
  • Reading a review request book. Now I remember why I stopped asking for those.
  • As hard as it is to believe, I have indeed finished Kim Newman‘s “Johnny Alucard“. His stories are good, but they’re so blown out with his satire and comical biographies, that it tends to get real hard to read.

BookTube | P.S. I Love That Book

So, after all the shit that happened thanks to some horrible people over on YouTube, the said YouTube decided to change their algorithms again, and the rules while they’re at it. One of the rules cracks down hard on small YouTubers, for it pretty much cuts them off, takes their partnerships away. Now you have to have quite a large sum of subscribers and a hellish hour count of views to have it. Meaning, small YouTubers will simply be buried by the algorithm, and we’ll continue “enjoying” the already big YouTubers who have the time, the means, and the YouTube support behind them due to having partnerships, and possibly – no day jobs to interfere with video making.

But hey, we can help! Here you see one of my favorite people out there, Hannah from P.S. I Love That Book, and yes I am very biased, and not just because I joined her made project of book blogging. At times I enter her videos via the jewelry she wears or even unboxes. But you might find her interesting too, since she’s a sweet and jolly person, passionate about what she does.

So what can we do? Well, first of all, subscribe. Second of all: go to their profiles, your favorite small YouTube’ers, or Hannah here, and click “play all”. Next you can just mute the video or the whole tab (right click on the tab), and just leave it there, playing. It might work, it might not, but we have to try, right? (I do greatly believe that indifference more often than not is as evil as doing purposely evil thing)

[Movie] Bright

Directed: David Ayer
Written: Max Landis
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Crime

What a gorgeous film. Since it came to be on Netflix, I watched it at least 6 full times, and I am not someone who enjoys watching stuff to begin with. It’s been a while since a movie pushed me to the edge of the chair!

This society is greatly divided by a war against the Dark Lord that took place a couple thousand years back. Elves pretty much run the world. Orcs, people who sided with the Dark Lord back then, are racially profiled in the meantime. The only folk who do not care about this petty feud are the Shield of Light society, dedicated to protect the realm from the second rising of the Dark Lord. For out there, in the dark, hide the Inferni, renegade elves, who have obtained a magic wand or few, and are prepared to pull him out of the death. One day, one of these Inferni escape, not wishing a world where Dark Lord rules. An assassin is sent after her, a wand in her hand… A magic wand, loose in this broken world.

Daryl Ward and Nick Jacoby, a rare sight – an officer orc, unblooded, with his tusks filed off – are unlikely heroes. They take the call on a slaughter that just happened nearby, just to find people burned to crisp, distorted. Killed as if by magic.

Then the FBI get involved, with gorgeous Edgar Ramirez (Bodhi from the newer version of Point Break) as the lead, blue haired Kandomere, and all shit breaks loose. It’s a wonderful, tough, beautiful, action and magic packed movie. Best Urban Fantasy I’ve ever seen.


Tell Me: Elves

I make jewelry that I aim for elves, elven lovers, and people who appreciate fantasy, and are able to immerse in it. Recently I had a little discussion with a friend, and she raised a very good point, which leads to a question:

What’s an “elf” where you’re from?

Here it would likely be a small little person with long pointy ears, and probably with mischievous intent.

Series | Taboo [S1]

Title: TABOO (2017 TV Series)
Genre: Period Drama
Written by: Steven Knight; Edward Hardy
Directed by: Kristoffer Nyholm; Anders Engstorm
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8

I’ve seen the trailers for the series back when I was still watching 4th season of Sherlock on BBC One, who, very kindly, stream their series online for people to watch free. But being the too-lazy-to-watch person, I was putting it off until it was a little too late, really. Until recently, as a friend finally talked me into getting back at it. Seems all it takes is the right lure of “this character in the motion pictures is a lot like the character you loved in the book”.

James Delaney was believed to have died in Africa. But once his father dies, leaving his Shipping Empire for someone to inherit or take over, James returns as a vengeful and more than a little unhinged demon from the depths of Mother Africa. He returns a strange man, almost a supernatural being, and right away engages into the war of reclaiming ones spot in the ever refined London, among the gents who’d like nothing more than for this savage to go back and die wherever he came from. And if he seems to need help dying, well, so be it, for the greater good.

I enjoyed this to bits. From Hardy, whom here I can compare to the love child of Stephen Day and Lucien Vaudrey from A Charm of Magpies by K. J. Charles, to the chemist who tasted everything, and thus successfully prevented me from grazing while watching the episodes. Hardy as James was a force of nature, walking in with a bang, gloriously naked so very often, and so very wonderfully spreading chaos among the unmovable, that I can only hope there’ll be more of this fine, fine thing.


Log: General Update

I finished NaNoWriMo successfully, with 50031 words per my little novel. It’s not yet a good novel, and I’d change many things, and I will change many things, and see how that works out, before publishing any of it.

Other than that, I’ve been extremely down. It’s amazing how you can feel good for about an hour in between depression episodes, and then drown again as if nothing good has ever happened. But I did things, I made beautiful jewelry, I made lots of sketches, and I’m even hosting a birthday sale-contest on etsy. Just walking like bombs aren’t falling around me.

I’m very ready for the 2018 witcher read-along. I will talk more of it this week. For now it’s enough to know I have the books prepared for it, and hope they re-print the new copies on time.

Hope you’re having much better time than I do.


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