Summary: 25-01

Okay, so, since it was far easier to write everything down in bulletin form, I think we’ll try that again, okay? Can’t say that a lot happened, but hey, that’s due to all the work I had, which, in itself, is a good thing:

  • Elder Scrolls Online began new season of the treasure boxes, didn’t get anything good in them, but I don’t mind, they’re nice anyway.
  • Cleaned my closet nice and proper. Found a little hook to keep my shirts a bit straighter. I mean the ones I wear constantly, and so they don’t get their closet-time.
  • Finished four paintings. Two with panda’s, one with prince Laurent of Vere. Yep. That’s happening again.
  • Re-listened to first two books of Captive Prince, and gone through such long-term to-reads as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Hemlock Grove (yes, the book is better than the series).
  • Friend got me a physical copy of this old Dracula game. I have it on steam, but I collect all things Dracula, so this is great!
  • Finished up Mabon sale, it was pretty great, I hope everyone will like their presents. Also made one jewelry piece to a friend in general, because, apparently, sometimes some things just are right for one person, and no one else, so I had to.
  • Started Inktober! Because it’s just one little step between “One Day” and “Day One“.
  • Watched Rhett and Link’s “Buddy System” at last, and it was everything I could’ve wanted!
  • Finished season 6 of Game of Thrones, and season 2 of Strain. It’s “okay” and “meh“.

Work? Do you want to know even? Translated 4 contracts, 3 manuals, and started the project “when you can’t figure out what PC means from context: it could mean this“, because editing people’s works is the worst part of my job.

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ESO: New Box Season!

New season of boxes is on in Elder Scrolls online. There’s beautiful new mounts, lovely pets, some nice tattoos.

I bought four, and got three for free due to short little event that was happening. Didn’t get anything special, but traded a lot of things to gems, and bought a thingy. I can’t say I’m much impressed by these boxes, but they’re not too bad either. Go see for yourself!

[ESO] Morrowind – First Impressions

I’ve been playing Morrowind expansion in ESO for a few days now, since it was ridiculous: a) get it now and play now, because “preorder”; b) get it on 6th and play on 6th, because “release date”. So if you bought the game on 5th, you could play on 5th, or you could wait for release date, and play it on 6th…

Warden is an interesting new class that is both scary and funny. Scary, because woah baby, did I just make myself a crown of ice? Hell yeah I did! Is that bear my follower, and is beating everyone the hell up? You betcha. And ridiculous because you summon a fairy circle of mushrooms to heal your ass.

It’s a good class for people who have some semblance as how to play the game. Why? Because I play as DD (damage dealer) as my main. I made myself this warden High Elf (I really dislike that race tbh, Dunmers are just so handsome, and Wood Elves are adorably sexi, but high elves? everything’s poop colored, why? Face markings – light brown, hair color – light brown, eye color – fifty shades of brown, and not the good human brown, like Indian people or Asians sometimes are, no. This is weird yellow-brown, like bad runs. I’ll take greenish blue skin of Dunmer any day instead), and I kick ass. We fought a land boss, me and this 400+ DD, and he was constantly dying. I took 2 healing abilities just so I could keep him up, but he still died and I caused both damage, tanking, and healing, and I nearly killed the bastard, but then DD died again, and there were too many mobs around for me to roll out of the damage field. So, it’s a great class if you already have experience in roll, dodge, step out of the red circle of death.

Newcomer? Go ahead, but don’t be disappointed when you pick up a different class and realize you’re underpowered. It just feels that way.

There’s a ton of new furniture, for which I am happy, and a gorgeous cheap house at the end of Vvardenfell (+300k for two stories, basement, balcony, and a huge yard). New gear, new adventures, new quests. It’s fun, but so far I still don’t know why they call it “expansion”. It’s a big fat DLC, nothing more special about it more than say, Wrothgar was. So if you’re up to wait for good discounts – go ahead. I saw it for 18 bux over at kinguin


ESO: Jesters Festival March 23

Elder Scrolls Online has started yet another wonderful event. This time it is spring-themed, or rather, April Fool’s themed. As always, it can be started via Crown Store, as a free scroll taken for Jester’s Festival. The Event and the Quest will be available for 11 days (12 total, if we count the starting point today), and offers 3 quests a day across the three starting maps of each fraction (Daggerfall (Daggerfall Covenant; blue), Auridon (Aldmeri Dominion), Ebonheart (Ebonheart Pact)).

On top of it, Crown Store now has a few new items, those being one personality, two colors, and three different masks.


Every quest gives a box with a prize in it. Now, I don’t know if I’m just that unlucky, or there’s a plan there, but from every box I have received exactly the same prize – the “emoticon action” of cherry petals that your character throws beautifully, and banners for home. On top of it, the starting of this quest (after you accept it from the according NPC) givesĀ a memento pie that works much like the anniversary cake used to – you use it, and for 12 days as you will use it – you’ll receive +100% exp bonus for over an hour, after which you can eat it again.



Journal from Tamriel [1]

So, finally managed to get out of the damned Deshaan in Ebonheart Pact. It’s one of the better maps to collect resources at, since it’s flat enough for constant walk, water rarely cuts you off too hard, and there’s mountains on every side of it, where ores like to take shelter. This I say as oppose such maps as Malabar Tor, where you can barely see the resources due to thick jungle flora, and where once you fall off a mountain – you can barely find your way back up.

Ebonheart Pact is the last fraction for me. I’ve started my journey in Daggerfall Covenant, and then made my way through Altmeri Dominion too.

I’m looking forwards to traveling in the more Argonian lands now. A dunmer myself I don’t mind traveling the Pact, but the uncrossable lava rivers, and endless fights with bandits and khajiit pirates are working on my nerves by now. Crocodiles would be a nice change, and the archaic style they decorate in – too.

ESO: Legendary Crafting Writs

Now, let me just say right away, I have no idea how to NOT take them out so that they open as quest right away, but it is possible, because people ARE very much selling those.

Legendary Crafting writs are your tickets to crown-store house-items, and other rare goodies.

Legendary Crafting writs are obtained by doing regular daily crafting writs: provisioning, alchemy, enchantment, blacksmithing, clothing, woodworking. After completing one of the writs, you will get a container with your reward, among which there might be a Legendary Crafting writ (other things vary from repair kits, material shipments, maps for appropriate materials, etc).

These are tricky and amazing. It’ll ask you to craft a very specific item. You’ll have to make sure it has correct trait, style, color level (from fine to legendary, so keep a reserve of upgrades at hand), etc., and no, it will not adjust to you. Per se I had to buy a motif for 12k, and the quest, obviously, didn’t pay off, but I got my 6 vouchers and I regret nothing.

After crafting the extremely specific item, you take it to the map where your Undaunted quests are, for me that is wayrest, since my starting map was daggerfall.

Sometimes you will have to craft a specific set item, therefor if you haven’t researched things yet – start doing that. And yes, it pays off to do all 6 daily writs now.

ESO: Homestead [1]

So, the usual drill in Elder Scrolls Online; Homestead update brought a ton of changes, a ton of new items, and a new quest (and a lot of need to do the general quests). Here’s my one-day summary + second day impression, and a little walk-through:

  1. Go to crown store, and take the free quest “A Friend in Need” – it should still be among the featured items. From there on you’ll have a scroll in your inventory, which, after reading, will prompt you to go to your starting map. To me it is still Daggerfall, Glenumbra. There you will meet this guy who was renting a closet-sized room to an orc and it all fell out. Get it even and the room is yours, legally and all that. So, how to start homestead quest? – crown store, free item, after double-clicking it falls into your inventory, find it there, read it there, go to where it tells you to go, which is your starting map.
  2. The quest is pretty fun and pretty funny, and very easy, so you go ahead and do so. Below a screenshot of the funniest quote ever:
  3. Now that you have the hole in the wall as your own, you probably want to furnish it, test things out before you buy your own place, small or big. Recipe system changed. Now there’s food, drink, and furniture recipes (because “blueprints” didn’t ring any bells?), you’ll see this system applied hard in Guild Stores too, for I am unable to find any drinks now. These recipes for furniture are found just like the regular food recipes – boxes, crates, urns, whatnots. Best way to start is pick a delve you know to have plenty of vases to check, and just go through it. I’m pretty sure you can find one or two easily. (post-quest you’ll be told to get some furnishings, the NPC might not have anything to sell tho, which means your add-ons are screwing with it. Turn it off for a bit, buy a chair, and continue as you would)

  4. Congrats, you have a blueprint. Now what to make things out of, eh? Go collect wood/metals/cloth/leather/alchemy-flowers/runes, for all these things now have a chance to have another with them, and believe me, you will need ALL of them. So even if you don’t do anything with the runes, go ahead and at least check if there’s maybe the crafting ingredient in them. To add to these new materials you will still need the old ones too, like the said metals, wood, silk. And motif items too, for style, for there’s plenty of chair types, and all that.
  5. Decorating itself is pretty easy. Doesn’t mean there won’t be accidents. Look through all options, settings, and so on. You can even have a friend come help you out if you make them your “decorator”. Otherwise you might end up like me, and not know how to take off a painting that got stuck on the ceiling until the said friend comes along.
  6. You’re done, congrats! No go get all the things! (btw, it’s good time to make money. Find recipes, make stuff, sell them for reasonable price of 5k-15k; sell the rarer already made items, like that painting on my ceiling, too, you’ll find plenty more in the future, and it’ll become less rare, thus cost will get cut)

Come back tomorrow, we’ll talk about crafting writs and what’s amazing about them now!

The Elder Scrolls Online: New Life Festival

So the event has started. As the Halloween one, it can be taken from the Crown Store as a scroll, after which you’ll be prompted to go to Windhelm (that’s in Eastmarch, Ebonheart pact), where just outside the town there’ll be a lady waiting for you (can’t miss it, so many people around) with a bunch of quests to do.

The quests are showing how each race celebrates their “New Life” start, and they’re not in any how restricted to any races. You can do several during one day, and come back the next to do more. And while fun, they will, of course, start to repeat themselves a ton, thus becoming easy to do and master.

Prizes are pretty neat too, some mementos, clothing, new motifs. Random crafting items, like herbs are also much more useful than all the bugs (altho those came in handy too).

My fav prize so far was the mudball bag. At first I couldn’t figure out how to use the damn memento. Asked in the chat, and got pelted with mud balls! So here’s an image for you, to not repeat my mistakes (altho it’s really funny, I really recommend, except, don’t throw it at npc’s, unlike during the quest, these guys will get mad at you and you will get a bounty, but players respond well to it!)