The Late Summary

Been in a deep dark hole, as you might imagine from all the absence. But I’m trying to get back into it, so hopefully this is the last super late summary:

  • Friend got two tickets to Addams Family musical, and took me there. It was a perfectly timed day. She received the package with my new tablet. I received the package with new SSD (old HDD got so slow that both work and pleasure became torture). She helped me put it into my laptop and we went out. On our way out, I checked mail box, as I always do, and found another slip for mail. It was the dearly awaited, magically fast here Irn-Bru package and a postcard from Japan. Irn-Bru tastes like one Lithuanian drink we had in the past. Ours got extinct, hope it doesn’t happen to Irn-Bru for it is one damn glorious soda.
  • There was still time until the play, so we went to a zoological museum. Bisons and mooses are scary, I tell you, they’re enormous and I do not wish to witness what power bodies like that can hold. I’ve already seen that video of a moose running through snow that was up to its chest, like it was barely anything. No thank you.
  • The play itself was mediocre. And that’s only due to writing. Story itself was poor, characters weren’t true to the characters. Wednesday was no more than an angry teenager who screams at her parents when she doesn’t get what she wants, her brother was a bit too attached to his sister, and uncle Fester could not have been any more creepy if he wanted too, I never cringed so hard watching anything. But. Actors really did their best, and you could tell they’re putting their hearts into this. And there were some good and memorable jokes, even if I couldn’t tell you a single song.
  • Theater itself amused me to no ends. It was so over-the-top refined. I kept hearing that Lithuanian song in my brain “auntie, let me into the theater, I wish to experience the magic of scene, come on auntie, just let me into the theater, I wish to revive the dwindling flames!” of the old-school post-soviet theaters that we had, with these bulky ladies at the door checking your tickets and ushering you in, with no pretense to it. Not complaining, of course. And theater itself was beautiful too.
  • Had a very mighty food poisoning, resulting in three very bad days, and a lot of coconut water. Luckily, I love coconut water.
  • Reading a review request book. Now I remember why I stopped asking for those.
  • As hard as it is to believe, I have indeed finished Kim Newman‘s “Johnny Alucard“. His stories are good, but they’re so blown out with his satire and comical biographies, that it tends to get real hard to read.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Netflix keeps luring me into these wonderful series, foodie comedies mostly. Remember I watched that Samurai Gourmet one? Well, now I watched Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, and am currently full-on starting Cravings, Korean series, for a change.

Midnight Diner is set in this restaurant-bar that opens at midnight, and you can eat there until morning. The chef will make you anything, if he has products for it, but otherwise the menu is very basic and simple. It is aimed at people who work through the night, or are going from work, and just want to stop after a hard day, have a meal, and reach their bed. Thus, as one can guess, it attracts a wonderful little crowd.

Stories change, taking in new characters as main objects every time, but at the same time, with each new episode, we get to know master better too. Sometimes one word from him is enough to allow you full insight of what just happened, and what are his views on it, and it’s just beautiful. This is honestly the thing I love the most about Asian media.

Some episodes were funny, others were a bit sad, but each one had a resolution afterwards, and some characters then re-occurred as regular visitors. I was a little surprised at the diverse, and controversial topics they took, and am impressed at how it was handled. Good job, really.

So, all in all, I really recommend, especially if you watched and Liked Samurai Gourmet. This one is definitely 5 out of 5 too.

Selita Energy + Hemlock Grove

Photo 18-04-17 16 37 06

Past experiences with Lithuanian sports/energy drinks brand Selita has taught me to stay away from it. It tasted like old gym socks smelled. BUT! There’s no “but“, it still does, this is bad. Re-energy is cheaper, and worse, but this is still not good.

On the good note, I’m watching two very good series on Netflix. One will get its own review, being Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (smells like Murakami’s “Afterdark” imo), the other is Hemlock Grove. Guys like Roman make me wish there were girls like Roman. The closest it ever got was Blossom twin from Riverdale, and even there it fell short.


[series] Samurai Gourmet

SamuraiGourmetMini series based on essay and manga of same title of “Samurai Gourmet” by Masayuki Kusumi got recommended to me by a friend, and, having little time, I still watched it whole in two days. One can really manage with one day if one has time. Series can be found on Netflix, or wherever else you might be watching your things.

Takeshi Kasumi (played by Naoto Takenaka) retires, and has to learn to live as a free man, without constricting himself as working people do. Pretty much, he has to learn to not jump out of the bed in terror of being late, or that he can indeed have a beer with his lunch in the middle of the week. Learning all this he walks in search of what to do with all this free time, and stumbles upon different food places, with hilarious adventures just waiting for this timid old mister. Cold noodles and poorly cut seaweed? It’s not like he’d dare to complain. Loud customers bothering his reading? He doesn’t want a fight. Rude chef scolding foreigners for eating his food wrong? Well, it’s his place…

But here comes the fun Samurai part. Mister Takeshi slips into a daydream of “what would samurai do?“, samurai, as I understood, being his favorite type of hero. Would he be shy to slurp his noodles in a fancy restaurant? Oh the hell he would! He’d appreciate food, and wouldn’t be afraid to show it! And that constantly complaining man beside him? Nah, enough is enough!

Now, the funny thing here is, that this is a very Eastern / Asian / Japanese story. Because while mister Takeshi daydreams and is building up his courage to ask those damn loud men to tone it down a bit, for they’re bothering everyone else in the place – he loses it the moment he stands up, and gets shy about standing up. Often he doesn’t say a word, someone else does for him, and instead of taking away the proud moment of “I did it!” he takes away no less great treasure – humble moment of “this other person inspired me”.

It’s a foodie series, as I understood, and Naoto Takenaka makes every bite look like it’s the best dish he’s ever eaten, but as someone who almost never watches anything about food – I found it very amusing, and not bothering at all. Episodes are short, filled with lovely little stories, and good humor. And I can proudly say I took a humbling lesson from this too: it inspired me, and I hope I can someday have the time on my hands to take a detour too.

Eat your sushi love for Quinn from LT

Some time ago, not even that long ago, I think about a month back, when I had spare cash I went ahead and grabbed my pen to paint two loveliest people on YouTube: Simon and Martina from Eat Your Sushi, formerly known as Eat Your Kimchi: [link]; [link2];

I wrote a short letter, thinking these people are flooded with fan mail, I should make it short to not burden them (which, I think, it’s a bit of a mistake, they’re very nice people, they might have appreciated what I cared to say). The most important part were two paintings.


I do paintings as part of my own fundraiser, and just as commissions. But sometimes one just wants to paint, and who better than people that make you smile ❤

As time went by, I started worrying. These are definitely not my best drawings, while I love the colors I managed to put into them, I started dreading the day they open it, and think “who the shit painted this with their nose?!”

AND TODAY WAS THE DAY! If you turn to 6 minutes in the video, they speak of paintings sent by Quinn from Lithuania (they kindly didn’t use the name on the envelope, for which I am grateful) WHICH IS ME, and they said “excellent portraits”!! AAH!! MY FIVE SECONDS OF FAME! ❤

Thank You, Simon and Martina, for being the highlight of my very bad month. I hope you two are forever happy, and never again get any food poisonings, and find lots of new wonderful flavors of chips to try!