Log | Why I like Crafting more than I like Painting

I was making a very special Shades of Magic inspired bookmark (V.E. Schwab books, they’re wonderful), and I realized there’s a rhythm to it.

  • – wire open
  • spacer bead ~
  • spacer >
  • cap (
  • BEAD
  • cap )
  • spacer <
  • spacer bead ~
  • wire closes –

I like things to have a rhythm. It makes it much easier for me to get a hang of it, and not get tired of it. That’s why my fav songs are all of very distinct rhythm. That’s why I like rap more than any other genre. That’s why I don’t like watching movies all that much. Jewelry making has a rhythm. And I like painting best when I have a chance to do it every day or at least very often, for the rhythm there is very subtle, and not that easy to catch (for me).


MiniLog | Worky-work


Today I received storage containers for beads, and I realized I’m an idiot who doesn’t read measurements before getting something. The little container sections are really small, just barely over 2cm sideways. But, of course, that didn’t stop me from using them well. I think I managed to organize approximately 57% of my pile of crafting goodies (thank YOU everyone who got me more ❤ )

What I had to do: I had to sort things out by type and color; I had to pull wires from where they had no business staying; I had to deconstruct necklaces, bracelets, other things; I had to sort out usable pieces, and throw out what’s broken or unusable (which didn’t count for much).

It took me around 4 hours. Maybe more. I finished one audio book, and started another during it.

Good day, fam, good day.

Log | Small Update

Mum’s health is no better. Got her new meds, something that isn’t screwing with her insides so much. It helped with her back, with her arm with ligaments torn, but not the hip we were hoping for to relieve pain in. It’s bone on bone, excruciating pain. We got doctor appointments on 21st and 23rd, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I ran my due to post office and back, both thanks to new jewelry sales, and just things. Which got my muscles really sore, because I spent winter with barely any if any exercise at all. I do this every year, I brood through winter, and then I’m really mad at myself for it.

A friend of mine did a thing. She agreed to have an art trade with no other but the wonderful WolfTea, and I was the receiving end of jewelry findings. I can’t even begin telling you how unbelievably amazing it is, WolfTea is someone I aspired to be like, someone who inspired me to craft, continue crafting. People on dA are unbelievably kind. Honestly, you’re the best community I’ve ever had to deal with. Everything you’ve done for me has kept me alive to this day, and I’m still going.

As suitable to today: ILY, be as good as you always are



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Log | Inktober, Organizing, and NaNoWriMo

I have finished Inktober! I set to do it, and I did it, by the official prompt too, all pandas. I’m very proud of myself, because this was the first challenge I set for myself this year, and I have not failed. So, for me, Day One was October 1st, and just how great is that?

That said, I have just entered NaNoWriMo data into the official page, and will begin writing every day tomorrow, to reach the goal of 50.000 words in a month, a novel in one month. Now, this one has a far greater chance to be a fail, but then, how can it be a fail, if I start and write at least a quarter of that, right? It’s nothing but gain to try. I found this great inspirational blog entry on Goodreads, if anyone needs encouragement: [These 24 books won NaNoWriMo]. Don’t know about you, but I have half of these books on my to-read list, and some I’ve already read, so, woah.

I’m working on an awesome project I won’t share details on, just gonna say it involves a lot of paper and paper-y testing, so I need quite a bit of space around me. And I don’t have a lot of that to begin with, so I’ve been re-organizing my shelves today for at least a couple hours, with Hocus Pocus playing in the background. I can’t say I’m a 100% pleased with the results, but some things did work out in my favor. See, I want practicality more than I want beauty, but then if it’s practical but ugly – I feel bad for it. I’m so ready to pack some books away. I just need to dedicate a day, take pictures, upload the good stuff on ebay or whatnot, and the rest – give away, donate. I mean, I don’t even have all the books I truly and honestly want to have in paper, for keeps, forever and ever, so why would I hang on to stuff I don’t care about all that much? So if I could just get rid of one side of my bookshelf, keeping the other one as a wall between my work space and the rest of the room – that’d be great. We’ll see tho. For the time being I’m ded and dusty. Yes. Ded.

Yesterday was a great day btw. I received two great things from USA, and I’m so sorry for everyone who ever sent me anything from USA, the shipping for you is the worst!

I’ve got a wonderful postcard with a letter in it, that inspired me, and made me very happy. And I’ve got a very heavy package full of crafting supplies. No joke, it’s a giant-ass bag full of beads, chains, bits and pieces, and oh it is glorious, fam, it is so very glorious. I’ve been sifting through it, allowing my mind to wander around in the possibilities. Except great things. But likely only in December, I’m giving myself some fair share of slack here for NaNoWriMo. But we’ll see, really, I type really fast, so maybe it won’t be a challenge at all!


In the meantime, I continue to organize things in that small way, you know? where you shuffle things around, put them tidier together, maybe make a box for this thing, and get a rubber band to hold it together for that thing. If I remember anything I was supposed to tell you – I’ll write about it soon. Like, I’d like to tell you how Julie and Julia movie has inspired me to blog in the first place, for once.

Log + Summary | Hectic!

Last week was hectic. For one, there was so much work, and so many updates in work, that I was just not coping anymore. For two, I had a bad spell of depression to pass through. I’ve manic depression, so I don’t just mop around… It’s just bad, really. And for three, my laptop decided it had enough of me, and made me reinstall whole OS.

  • Received the three parts of a super secret little project that has things to do with reusability of office supplies. Among them were Blu Tack | Glu Dots, in this amazing cold-pink box with a rainbow on it. I never loved a package box as much as I love this one, it’s just so bright and colorful. Then a funny thing happened, that we took as a good sign: I have this silky cloth heart on the side of my table, someone put it there many years ago, and I just kept it (now there’s a panda, two transparent, green, and blue, cat stickers, a sticky note with a reminder, and a tiny origami bat), and that day it decided it will fall off. Well, guess what, I had the glu-dots in my hands as it did so, and just re-glued it back on. Aka: <universe> here, let me show you that the thing you have really works, by breaking a thing so that you can fix it with what you have.
  • I’m back on Riverdale, Supernatural, and Outlander wagon, and am eagerly awaiting Stranger Things to happen finally.
  • Am about 10 books short from a 100 goal this year.
  • I will do NaNoWriMo, but I don’t know whether I’ll publish it, and won’t know it until I finally write it.
  • Vibes_avatarHaven’t missed a day in Inktober, yes, it’s all happy smiling pandas with one or two funny exceptions. It’s all about those positive vibes, fam, it’s all bout those positive vibes.
  • Made some jewelry, I’m real happy with one of them, and mostly happy with the other one, and am excited for one idea too. But that’s for my patrons to listen me ramble about! <hint hint, nudge nudge>
  • Reinstalled my W10, and dealt with PC overheating all over again. Too much power, not enough chill, you know? Clocking things down works tho, and there’s still enough juice to run all the things I want to run. It’s much better now, so it’s a good thing.
  • Due to the first project I mentioned in this entry, I tidied up hard, but am still in great shortage of space. I would accept a gift of a house, thank you.
  • Mother has an appointment on 30th this month, and hopefully she can set a firm date for surgery. Want to know the truth of why is this being delayed over, and over, and over, even thought she’s in gradually increasing pain, every day? Because everyone awaits some palm grease. If anything else, don’t be that ass in this life, and you’ll be able to consider yourself a worthy human.
  • Followed news on weather in Scotland, had interesting information handed about climate too. And I bet you thought that talking about weather is boring!
  • Book “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman is kinda scary, but I like it.

That’s roughly all. Roughly, I’m sure I forgot many things. Some I write down as time goes through the day, some I don’t, and those are usually the ones I forget.

How’s your week been?

Patreon Sneak-Peak!

PicMonkey Collage

Patrons saw it a while ago. And if patrons said “hey, Quinn, save that one for me, will you?” – that’d be done, like woo, puff, it is done, consider me your djinn.

People who are not part of my flock get finished products only, when time comes to post all the things. So I guess you now must come and be my patron. It’s 1$ a month to be the first to see!


Friday Promo //


I once wrote on my facebook work page, that’d I’d accept all unwanted, and odd pieces of jewelry or findings for re-purposing. They can be broken, they can be damaged, it’s all fine with me.

The first to respond was DarkAristocratic, also known as SecondChildren. She sent me a whole pack of goodies that have inspired me to make a whole ton of wonderful things, and, honestly, I don’t even know which one I love the most. And best of all, I still have a ton of things left!

The brooch in the picture above was born thanks to her too. The center-piece was a gorgeous button. I repainted the inside with black mat paints, hooked it on a ribbon, added some beads, and now it’s one of my favorite pieces. I say that about many pieces I make, but that’s the honest truth.

So go show love to the wonderful and truly hard-working artist: [Facebook]; [DeviantArt]; [Instagram]; [Tumblr]