Best of E3

Metro: Exodus, a sequel to Metro 2033, and Metro: Last Light, and hopefully better than the third book! We can expect this game sometime next year:


A Way Out – a great looking co-op game, something I always love. Hopefully it’ll be even more fun than it looks like right now! Also, hey, make 4 player co-ops sometime, I’ve a gang of three!


Far Cry 5 – I’m not a fan of this franchise, but I love their ideas behind the main nutbags.

And a TON more!


Log [06-13]

Couldn’t fall asleep because of the splitting headache. Naturally that means a lot of time to think, so I got up with beginnings of a bad depression spell. But then the day went on pretty decent. I’ve been approved for two translations I ought to do via today (one of them didn’t give me the file yet, and needs the text by the midnight). A friend got me Metro Redux bundle, I’m real happy about that, and will indulge into that heaven when I possibly can.

It’s really annoying how every translation office/bureau has their own translator tools, and text tools. Mostly because it means you’ll have to do everything through their system, in which case everything will have to be approved before it passes between you and the client. So now I have 12 hours to translate a cheap little text that isn’t worth my time, but I cant’ afford to decline anything right now, and I do need to learn how to use their system, so, practice, and no one yet gave me that said text.

Someone buy me a coffee, I want to bang my head against the table!

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