Pop | Glow + Good Girls

Okay, there’s two things I must recommend. Female cast driven series that are epic gems on Netflix for either after work relax, or, as in my case: free day, dunno what to do, lemme binge things.

First would be Good Girls. Three wonderful women with their own family struggles and ideals come to a break point. A break point where these good girls, good women, turn into badass robbers. They say mother’s love has no bounds, and these three will prove it time and again.

First of all, I love me some gangster shit, so this was a great new find. Robbers is the most fun of topics, for I love the guns blazing and smokey escape type of scenes in general. But this is much more than that, apparently. For, and this is second of all, I’m pretty sure one of them has a transgender child and is not even questioning it. Then there’s the whole plot of why they needed the money, how they handled it, and what happened after. And you know what? I’m still on episode 1!

Second thing is of course, second season of Glow. I can’t believe this, but this season is even better than the first. The drama makes sense, the wrestling makes sense, the story lines of the women makes a lot of sense too.

I am thoroughly enjoying this. New characters, the dancing, the attempt to make their show there better, it all works in favor of series. Episodes are short and fly by before you know it tho…

So here’s your two for the weekend.


[Movie] Bright

Directed: David Ayer
Written: Max Landis
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Crime

What a gorgeous film. Since it came to be on Netflix, I watched it at least 6 full times, and I am not someone who enjoys watching stuff to begin with. It’s been a while since a movie pushed me to the edge of the chair!

This society is greatly divided by a war against the Dark Lord that took place a couple thousand years back. Elves pretty much run the world. Orcs, people who sided with the Dark Lord back then, are racially profiled in the meantime. The only folk who do not care about this petty feud are the Shield of Light society, dedicated to protect the realm from the second rising of the Dark Lord. For out there, in the dark, hide the Inferni, renegade elves, who have obtained a magic wand or few, and are prepared to pull him out of the death. One day, one of these Inferni escape, not wishing a world where Dark Lord rules. An assassin is sent after her, a wand in her hand… A magic wand, loose in this broken world.

Daryl Ward and Nick Jacoby, a rare sight – an officer orc, unblooded, with his tusks filed off – are unlikely heroes. They take the call on a slaughter that just happened nearby, just to find people burned to crisp, distorted. Killed as if by magic.

Then the FBI get involved, with gorgeous Edgar Ramirez (Bodhi from the newer version of Point Break) as the lead, blue haired Kandomere, and all shit breaks loose. It’s a wonderful, tough, beautiful, action and magic packed movie. Best Urban Fantasy I’ve ever seen.


[Miniseries] Alias Grace

Title: Alias Grace
Genre: Drama, True Crime, Detective
Based on: “Alias Grace” by Margaret Atwood
Directed by: Mary Harron
Country: Canada, United States
Language: English
Episodes: 6

A few days ago Netflix recommended me a great little thing, a 6 episode detective-drama-crime style miniseries, Alias Grace. I had little time then, so I watched it in two nights, and oh, how wonderful it was. So simple. So right.

Grace Marks is accused of murdering her employers, robbing them, and escaping. Once caught, she admits guilt under pressure, and serves time in a brutal women’s prison, with ruthless guards. But as the handsome young doctor starts to investigate, he and us too, start doubting the admission of guilt. For Grace claims she didn’t do it, she was so scared – it was easy to put words in her mouth, and she has scars to show for it.

We get to see same crime happen from a couple different perspectives, with different dialogues happening between the parties involved. So who here is lying?


Log + Summary | Hectic!

Last week was hectic. For one, there was so much work, and so many updates in work, that I was just not coping anymore. For two, I had a bad spell of depression to pass through. I’ve manic depression, so I don’t just mop around… It’s just bad, really. And for three, my laptop decided it had enough of me, and made me reinstall whole OS.

  • Received the three parts of a super secret little project that has things to do with reusability of office supplies. Among them were Blu Tack | Glu Dots, in this amazing cold-pink box with a rainbow on it. I never loved a package box as much as I love this one, it’s just so bright and colorful. Then a funny thing happened, that we took as a good sign: I have this silky cloth heart on the side of my table, someone put it there many years ago, and I just kept it (now there’s a panda, two transparent, green, and blue, cat stickers, a sticky note with a reminder, and a tiny origami bat), and that day it decided it will fall off. Well, guess what, I had the glu-dots in my hands as it did so, and just re-glued it back on. Aka: <universe> here, let me show you that the thing you have really works, by breaking a thing so that you can fix it with what you have.
  • I’m back on Riverdale, Supernatural, and Outlander wagon, and am eagerly awaiting Stranger Things to happen finally.
  • Am about 10 books short from a 100 goal this year.
  • I will do NaNoWriMo, but I don’t know whether I’ll publish it, and won’t know it until I finally write it.
  • Vibes_avatarHaven’t missed a day in Inktober, yes, it’s all happy smiling pandas with one or two funny exceptions. It’s all about those positive vibes, fam, it’s all bout those positive vibes.
  • Made some jewelry, I’m real happy with one of them, and mostly happy with the other one, and am excited for one idea too. But that’s for my patrons to listen me ramble about! <hint hint, nudge nudge>
  • Reinstalled my W10, and dealt with PC overheating all over again. Too much power, not enough chill, you know? Clocking things down works tho, and there’s still enough juice to run all the things I want to run. It’s much better now, so it’s a good thing.
  • Due to the first project I mentioned in this entry, I tidied up hard, but am still in great shortage of space. I would accept a gift of a house, thank you.
  • Mother has an appointment on 30th this month, and hopefully she can set a firm date for surgery. Want to know the truth of why is this being delayed over, and over, and over, even thought she’s in gradually increasing pain, every day? Because everyone awaits some palm grease. If anything else, don’t be that ass in this life, and you’ll be able to consider yourself a worthy human.
  • Followed news on weather in Scotland, had interesting information handed about climate too. And I bet you thought that talking about weather is boring!
  • Book “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman is kinda scary, but I like it.

That’s roughly all. Roughly, I’m sure I forgot many things. Some I write down as time goes through the day, some I don’t, and those are usually the ones I forget.

How’s your week been?

[Series, S1] Lucifer

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Based on: Characters created for Vertigo
Country: United States
Language: English
Season 1

I got this recommended to me by a lovely friend, but kept it on “sometime” list, for when I had better means to watch it. Then it appeared on Netflix, and I had no more excuses, so I went ahead and watched it. And I loved it!

Lucifer Morningstar got bored of hell, and misconception of what he is, or why things happened to him. So he decided to have some fun upstairs. Contrary to the twisted beliefs, Lucifer is not evil, but rather a punisher of evil, so his fun is not that far off from our fun. Parties, drinks, dances, bodies. Sin away, darlings, preferably with him.

His fun gets a spiked, and a tad more interesting when he runs into a detective. She won’t fall under his spells. Hell, she even counteracts his magic somehow, making him more human. More flesh, more mortal, blood and all. Meaning, he could actually die if someone killed him with her in the proximity. And Luci’s just not one to quit playing with fire, if the fire feels new.

The only dilution to his wonderful time is his brother from up-up stairs. An angel sent down to ask or persuade, or otherwise get Lucifer back into hell for duties. Duty-bound, and duty-blind angel goes to extreme lengths in attempt to fulfill his mission, and forgets to wonder the big question: what’s too far? What’s too far for an angel?

Really, this was one fun ride, especially the finale of it. I really can’t wait for the next season to happen on Netflix, I know it’s already out some place else, and it bothers me a bit. If you want something light, fun, funny, Good Omens, Crowley-y – go watch Lucifer.

5 / 5 

[Movie] Okja

Directed: Bong Joon-ho
Release Date: 2017
Country: South Korea; United States
Language: Korean, English

Lucy Mirando is determined to turn the evil-looking face of the company around. She’s not like her controversial grandfather. And she’s not like her cruel sister. She’s an innovator. She’ll change the meat industry!

Ten years ago a super pig was developed. It eats less, excretes less, creates far smaller eco-footprint, and best of all – tastes great. Twenty six best super pigs were passed around to owners all over the world for a decade, after which the winner will be picked. Now, whether they did it to promote the pigs, or to find the best climate for the pigs to grow is a question no one will ask…

Mija and her grandfather raised Okja into a wonderful, mighty friendly beast, and, naturally, ten years later, they were victorious. Mija agreed with her grandfather, that they will ask to keep the pig, instead of taking the reward, but nobody wanted to hear that. Even her grandfather wasn’t much keen, when he could have the dowry for the girl to marry good instead. So they take the super pig away, into far less friendly hands than one could’ve thought. And Mija, taking all her tiny possessions in this world, runs away, to Seoul, to find her friend. Lucky for the girl, she’s not the only one who doesn’t want to see these wonderful animals (or any, for that matter), get slaughtered.

This movie will hit all of your feels, and it will hurt. But it’s a happy-ending (mostly) movie, so bear with it. Honestly, it was so beautiful, it felt like watching a very high-quality Ghibli live action movie, and I definitely recommend Okja to anyone who ever liked Ghibli stuff.

5 / 5

Death Note: Netflix Movie

Death Note
Netflix 2017 August 25th
Genre: Occult Detective, Psychological Thriller
Director: Adam Wingard
Country: United States
Language: English, Japanese, Russian

Loosely based on manga of same name by Tsugumi Ohba, and Takeshi Obata

I am a fan of manga, which I read back to back. I loved the anime pretty good too, thou manga was still better. I even watched those fairly weird movies. Heck, they were absolutely watchable. I think they even aired on our native television, at least a couple if not all of them. So now I await this American production, with hope, and healthy dose of fear.

One naughty smart-ass Death God (Shinigami) “accidentally” dropped his book onto the Earth. The same notebook in which you can write down a name (if you know the person’s face too*), and, if you’re feeling adventurous, the way of death… And they die. Ryuk (Ryuuk) was curious to see what might happen if this notebook ended up in human hands. To his utter joy the notebook ended up in angsty, and righteous hands of a young adult, a guy from Seattle (previously known as Light Yagami from Japan), so the project “let’s see what happens” has started well!

*There’s a power that allows you to know the name if you see a face, but that power costs…

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Netflix keeps luring me into these wonderful series, foodie comedies mostly. Remember I watched that Samurai Gourmet one? Well, now I watched Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, and am currently full-on starting Cravings, Korean series, for a change.

Midnight Diner is set in this restaurant-bar that opens at midnight, and you can eat there until morning. The chef will make you anything, if he has products for it, but otherwise the menu is very basic and simple. It is aimed at people who work through the night, or are going from work, and just want to stop after a hard day, have a meal, and reach their bed. Thus, as one can guess, it attracts a wonderful little crowd.

Stories change, taking in new characters as main objects every time, but at the same time, with each new episode, we get to know master better too. Sometimes one word from him is enough to allow you full insight of what just happened, and what are his views on it, and it’s just beautiful. This is honestly the thing I love the most about Asian media.

Some episodes were funny, others were a bit sad, but each one had a resolution afterwards, and some characters then re-occurred as regular visitors. I was a little surprised at the diverse, and controversial topics they took, and am impressed at how it was handled. Good job, really.

So, all in all, I really recommend, especially if you watched and Liked Samurai Gourmet. This one is definitely 5 out of 5 too.

Sense8 returns for a bit

One day I sat down and turned on this Sense8, just to see why Netflix keeps fussing me about it. Next thing you know I’m a senseit myself, invested deep into all these characters, unable to express friends how great this thing is, how these people here are on the other ends of the world, but together, how they fill each other out, and so on, and on, and on.

I watched the second season when it came out, and was absolutely in love. But then all these things happened! For one, I kept seeing disappointment here, and there, claiming there was no plot. What do you mean there was no plot? Going after a cluster cannibal is not a plot? The guy who never ever asked for help is ASKING for help silently appearing, unable to speak up, is that not plot? Aren’t lives of these people – not plot?

And then it was canceled. They ended the series with “we’re coming for you, be very, very afraid”, and they canceled it! I was heartbroken! I joined my voice into the others, asking, pleading to at least finish the wonder that this was. And Netflix kindly apologized for not being able to do that. I appreciated it, but couldn’t help wanting some kind of finale.

Guess what? 2 hour long finale is in the works!


[Sense8 Twitter]

[Series] Hemlock Grove

  • American Netflix Horror Series
  • 3 Seasons
  • 33 Episodes
  • 2013-2015

Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, home to Godfrey Institute for Biomedical Technologies, tangled in whispers of sinister experiments happening within. A family of gypsies move in, and soon we witness a girl get mauled by a giant beast of a creature. And this town just happens to be open-minded enough to take into consideration the age-old superstitious idea, that gypsies might also equal to skin-walkers, werewolves…

In the end, it’s either that, or the beast of a Godfrey daughter. But seeing how her vile brother is overprotective of her, and their just as ungodly seeming mother is protective of him, it’d be far easier if it was a werewolf.

Series are good, made well too, as one is to expect from Netflix Originals. There’s a lot of unique things, and a beautiful touch of old Slavic folklore, hinting towards Romania even. I do think they missed out on a lot, like Dragon Order, which they used by a fraction of what they could’ve done with it. Or the whole angel thing…

I’d give it 4 out of 5, since it wasn’t perfect, but definitely amusing enough to watch all three seasons.