Promo: Peter Monn

I found Peter via friend bookie. She recommended me his book channel on YouTube (BookTube), called “Peter Likes Books“, and I don’t even remember what was the first video I watched, but I was hooked ever since.

For one, the man has kind charm, kind being the keyword here. That, I believe, the kindness, is the most important trait a human being can have. And Peter is always smiling, laughing, doing funny things, and is not afraid to laugh at his own expense. That would be the second most important trait a human being should have: not taking yourself too seriously. The third one is obvious: Peter likes to read books.

He doesn’t read much, but enjoys every book, and talks a lot about them. He does tags, and is not afraid to say outright – books are expensive, I don’t understand how people do hauls so often, some books are not even worth the money. And I agree with him completely. So, all in all, his book channel is great, but that’s not all, if all in all.

I soon started following him on all of his other channels, for his personality just won me over, and must say, his vlogs are great. That’s the place where you’ll get to know Peter, for he is as open, as a book. He’s not afraid to talk about things, and on his ride home, to work, or wherever, he shares his day: what they’ve done with his husband, what they did with his friends, how his dogs are doing, what he’s reading, how’s work, and so on. He’s a complex person who won many a battle against inner demons, and it’s hard to not love him. But hey, go see for yourself:

Peter Likes Books ][ Peter Vlogs
My So Called Healthy Life ][ Peter Monn – Drama Channel


Peter Likes Books

I found this wonderful charismatic persona on YouTube (BookTube variation). Of course, I found him due to people who are capable of noticing these wonderful gem channels, for I myself am a little lame about it… So, it’s more like, they found him, and showed him to me.

Peter is American, married to a wonderful man, with a bunch of dogs. A son of an alcoholic mother he himself fought, and won against his own addictions, and today we can watch him on four channels, where he actively posts every day! I mostly love leaving his longest vlogs on, even if I already watched it, to play in the background while I do home chores. Feels like having a friend around, since he’s the kind who still wishes to find more people, friends, and all of mine live very far away, so it makes sense to watch a “friend” (who, in this case, doesn’t know you even) on their vlogs. Yes, I’m a bit weird.

[Book Channel]; [Vlog Channel]; [Healthy Life Channel]; [Drama Channel]