Summary 31-06

A lot of translation offices I have contacts with had people run off for vacation, so my week was hectic. Between three jobs of my own, I took a couple emergency pieces from them too. Worst one was a pro bono for a friend, a death certificate.

At the start of the week I raided the bookstore, first time in like 3 years I actually bought a book, and 7 postcards. The book is “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski, a republished, and retranslated piece (we had our translations way before the first game even came out), so I’ve counted it as work practice – translation comparison. And the seven postcards went to: 4 to Germany, 1 to New Orleans (USA), 1 to Asia (can’t spell the country, so I won’t), 1 to Bulgaria. I’m a little worried about the Nola one, because they’re having floods, and these postcards are biodegradable, not very happy about the possible water.

The Witcher book is beautiful, tho inside it has the Wolf Medallion drawing, which kinda looks like raccoon?… Didn’t make a picture, too lazy. The bookmark, in the meantime, seems to have visited Captive Prince trilogy. “Hello, lover


I’ve gotten myself a haircut, mohawk is back, and my head is getting some air. I look like a human being again! Oh, and when I went to post office… Well, I had to go twice. Each time I got caught in the sudden heavy rain that ends fast, but leaves you drenched to the bone. BUT! It was very warm, nice, and I don’t regret a thing.

On, and then there’s this:


2016, B-day presents in advance

So since there’s a large possibility December is the last month I have a home, I warned my friends – my home is off limits on that month. All those who wished to see me, were welcome to do so in November. And some did!

I must say, I didn’t much expect presents. One friend gave me GTA5, and I asked her if I can instead accept it as a b-day gift, since I knew her to be the kind of a friend who can spend two years thinking of that one year her present wasn’t a top-notch (even if it was). But I got them, and I love them, especially how useful they were!

The games and the books keep my brain in tact. The money helped me pull through the month. The postcards I just love, and collect in a pile, and will one day punch holes in them to make a cool binder. The art supplies are always very needed, for big part of my income comes from that. And all the delicious stuff is killing me, for I cannot breath how stuffed I am, but I am grateful ❤

Thank You very much for making my life bearable, especially this awful month