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Eat your sushi love for Quinn from LT

Some time ago, not even that long ago, I think about a month back, when I had spare cash I went ahead and grabbed my pen to paint two loveliest people on YouTube: Simon and Martina from Eat Your Sushi, formerly known as Eat Your Kimchi: [link]; [link2];

I wrote a short letter, thinking these people are flooded with fan mail, I should make it short to not burden them (which, I think, it’s a bit of a mistake, they’re very nice people, they might have appreciated what I cared to say). The most important part were two paintings.


I do paintings as part of my own fundraiser, and just as commissions. But sometimes one just wants to paint, and who better than people that make you smile ❤

As time went by, I started worrying. These are definitely not my best drawings, while I love the colors I managed to put into them, I started dreading the day they open it, and think “who the shit painted this with their nose?!”

AND TODAY WAS THE DAY! If you turn to 6 minutes in the video, they speak of paintings sent by Quinn from Lithuania (they kindly didn’t use the name on the envelope, for which I am grateful) WHICH IS ME, and they said “excellent portraits”!! AAH!! MY FIVE SECONDS OF FAME! ❤

Thank You, Simon and Martina, for being the highlight of my very bad month. I hope you two are forever happy, and never again get any food poisonings, and find lots of new wonderful flavors of chips to try!