The Wolf Among Us 2 – 2018

The Wolf Among Us 2
Series: Fables
TellTale Games
Genre: Adventure game, interactive movie

After 3 years from the last chapter in first The Wolf Among Us season of this wonderful game, we can finally start waiting for the second one! We might even get the first chapter as soon as next year, in 2018! I cannot believe this, because I no longer expected it. There’s comics that follow the fable stories, and while I have not read them, thou I plan to, the mere existence of theirs is what made me think there’s no reason to expect a second game. I am so very happy I was mistaken!


In a neon-drowned noir type of detective story, a world where humans are called “mundanes“, live people from the fables. The real ones, the dark, gruesome, and scary. These are not your Disney characters. Some of these people barely escaped death, hunted by monsters, witches, or their own parents, or step-parents, as often happens. Princes, and princesses aren’t much happy having to learn to be salesmen, waiters, cashiers, be unable to afford the lavish lifestyle they used to have. They feel like they deserve more for what they were. Much like the regular folk feel they get too much as it is. Those who don’t look human – must buy charms to look human, or risk be taken to the farm, where beings who were either too big, too great to be made look human, or had too little conscious mind in them live. No one wants to get there. That place is a nightmare come true. Tension is steady at all times, and so, while we already solved the mystery of dying prostitutes in the first season, I’m sure there’s no end to bad things that might happen here still.


Summary: Death Note, The Wolf Among Us 2, and Oscar Wilde

Eh, alright, I’ve been having real rough couple of weeks. Depression kicked my ass hard, and just some general bad things keep happening all over. Like my kettle broke (I fixed it, but I was real worried for a good hour), grandma had a bad spell, my sleep got all messed up, where I’d wake myself due to whiny noises I’d make in my sleep, and so on and on. But I can’t really say all things are bad either.

For one, there’s a lot of great previews, like trailer/teaser for [Death Note] (as my friend said, the actor who plays Light doesn’t seem to know what’s acting like, but otherwise it might still work), and trailer for [Full Metal Alchemist].

Netflix did release [Castlevania] at last, and I think I skipped writing about it, because I was so bummed out, but yes, I’ve already watched all 4 episodes, that make under two hours of goodness. No, I have not played all the games, and I would love to, but 2D side-scrollers are often too hard for me, ever since I’m like 20 years out of the skill range (no, really, I’m sure every kid can beat those games, but not my dumb ass). I have two newer ones on Steam, and I’ll come around to playing those. So as someone with minimal knowledge, I’ll say this: it’s easy to follow, and it’s amazing.

Then there’s [Cyberpunk 2077] update, where they talk about the classes: rockstars, journalists, etc. Great, guys, can we maybe get the game before 2077 tho? Because you telling us for 5 years how it’s going to be groundbreaking is kinda pointless. Much like my grandma claiming those shoes are brand new, never worn, and expensive. But they’re 25 years old, and for less you can get better at any shop now, you know?

Best of all were the news on [The Wolf Among Us 2], that game was something epic, I played it over, and over, and when I felt stressed at work, I’d just turn on the intro screen, and allow that to be my bg music. The neon lights, clouds of cigarete smoke, wonderful music, good story, and superb characters are all I want right now. And Telltale must be my fav games in general.

Yesterday I cleaned my little corner up, making everything a little bit worse, but at the same time, it’s progress towards making it a little bit more usable space-wise. I’ve stacks, and stacks of written material, books I wrote, or am still writing, translations, studies, literal studies data, book reviews. And then hundreds upon hundreds of paintings. So I shoved things around a bit.

As a reward, or so I feel like Universe might have wanted to reward me, friend gave me a cup today, a nice tall white mug with Oscar Wilde quote to it. She had a few, showed me, and said I will probably like this one, pointing at it, and I did. She merely guessed I might like Wilde, and she could not have been more right.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” – Oscar Wilde

All I’m missing right now is freedom. ❤