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You know what’s good? Reward systems. And lemme tell you how mine works thus.

I have 4 calendars on my table, since I am unable to find one that could do all the things I need. For I need to write things down, but I also need to mark things up. Usually if you can write things, there’s too much room to mark things, and you don’t have as good a visual as you’d like. Then there’s also a planner which I draw into my notebook myself. It has month title, days – horizontal; things I want to do daily – vertical. And so I just mark days out. The goal is to have one vertical line filled for the day, and have as many of them as possible. By no means do I aim for it to be fully filled, let’s be reasonable with ourselves (but at the same time, let’s push ourselves to the limit and see what’s beyond it).

So, I have daily things, plus I have daily work pieces, since I have 4 blogs, two groups, and two more side projects. Some are paid, some, like this one here, are here for pleasure of mine, and ease of my friends.

Say, today is my busiest day, but I choose to have 2 log entries too. I could take them out, and just claim it is a busy day, I won’t work extra. But how will I ever expand the limits, if I don’t push at them whenever I reach them?

Enter Reward System.


Everyone has guilty pleasures, I am sure of it. The thing between guilty pleasure and just a pleasure is the “shouldn’t” factor. Say, you want ice-cream, but you also want to lose weight, buy that book, go on that trip. Here’s how you can use reward system: every time you want the ice-cream, take the money that the treat would cost, and bring it back home, without buying the ice-cream. Put it in a jar or something. Next thing you know, you’ll have the spare money for the book, and if books are a guilty pleasure too – some of the “shouldn’t” factor is removed, for you wrestled your other wants for it. One battle at a time is good enough, believe me.

In my case, it’s video games. I like to pretend I’m working by turning off video game sound, and turning on an audio book. Yes, that does mean I have new material for three blogs. But why do I feel so bad anyway? Because most likely after the 6 hours audio book to play out on double speed – I didn’t do anything else. Sometimes I get motivated to work, but that’s usually not with games that I play with no sound on. It is more often those games that engage me with a story, so I’m really just tricking myself.

Instead what I do now, is I do all the work, even the one that I didn’t want to do, even the stuff that I am too lazy to do, even the things I don’t really have to do. I just do it. And then, at the set limit of time, I can start playing video games, sound on or off, don’t matter. It removes the “guilty” from pleasure to me. And as I said, I am absolutely certain there are many, many aspects in life where you can use this in.

Just make sure you stay nice, kind, and healthy, okay? You’re great, I love you, and you should love you too.


[Game] Child of Light

Developers: Ubisoft Montreal
Publishers: Ubisoft
Engine: UbiArt FRAMEWORK
Platforms: PC; PS3; PS4; PS Vita; Wii U; Xbox 360; Xbox One
Genre: Platformer, RP
Modes: Singleplayer
Date: 2014

It’s a wonderful game I received as a gift from a dear friend. I don’t know if she knew that I wanted it, but I did want it for ages, and I can’t tell you what a hard time I have when it comes to buying things for myself.

Anyway, the game! It all starts with a little intro story. Duke of Austria kad a daughter, his wife died, but he remarried. The woman, as fairy tales go, turned out to be an evil Queen of Night. She stole the Moon, Stars, and Sun, and somehow put Aurora, Duke’s daughter, into sleep-like coma, in which she eventually, allegedly died. Heartache was too much for the Duke to bear, and he became bedridden, weakening every day.

Aurora, in the meantime, wakes up in a magical land called Lemuria, where she takes up arms to save their land from monsters, and the evil Queen of Night. Doing so she’s to get back the Moon, Stars, and Sun, and return home. But there’s still many quests to do, puzzles to solve, and friends to make.

It’s a child-friendly game. I spent hours there making best gems for my wonderful party-friends there alone, so believe me when I say, the game is great to have. The artwork, the music, the beautiful story, everything will stay with you.

5 / 5


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The Wolf Among Us 2 – 2018

The Wolf Among Us 2
Series: Fables
TellTale Games
Genre: Adventure game, interactive movie

After 3 years from the last chapter in first The Wolf Among Us season of this wonderful game, we can finally start waiting for the second one! We might even get the first chapter as soon as next year, in 2018! I cannot believe this, because I no longer expected it. There’s comics that follow the fable stories, and while I have not read them, thou I plan to, the mere existence of theirs is what made me think there’s no reason to expect a second game. I am so very happy I was mistaken!


In a neon-drowned noir type of detective story, a world where humans are called “mundanes“, live people from the fables. The real ones, the dark, gruesome, and scary. These are not your Disney characters. Some of these people barely escaped death, hunted by monsters, witches, or their own parents, or step-parents, as often happens. Princes, and princesses aren’t much happy having to learn to be salesmen, waiters, cashiers, be unable to afford the lavish lifestyle they used to have. They feel like they deserve more for what they were. Much like the regular folk feel they get too much as it is. Those who don’t look human – must buy charms to look human, or risk be taken to the farm, where beings who were either too big, too great to be made look human, or had too little conscious mind in them live. No one wants to get there. That place is a nightmare come true. Tension is steady at all times, and so, while we already solved the mystery of dying prostitutes in the first season, I’m sure there’s no end to bad things that might happen here still.

Cyberpunk 2077 : Classes

According to Mike Pondsmith, the creator of CP 2020 tabletop RPG, upon which CDPR are building their CP77, and at last gave us some details about the upcoming “groundbreaking” game, which we will likely see in 2077, we can expect classical classes!

These said classical classes would be these:

:bulletgreen: Rockerboys – rock stars who use music and charisma to fight authority
:bulletblue: Nomads – corporate exiles blackballed from employment, who roam the highways in in modern tribal gangs
:bulletyellow: At least two different kinds of hackers, one of which use cybernetic interfaces to roam the Internet in VR
:bulletred: And journalists. Because Spider Jerusalem proved them to be awesome too.

Best of all, seems this won’t be the only classes either. How many more? When? Who knows?… As CDRP often says: Soon.

It’ll be done when it’s done

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P.S.: Come visit our group in dA, we’ll be your best artwork providers, when they finally release the game!


[Anno Decadence 2077]

[Game] Crossy Road

Damnation, friends are leading me out the way! One of them just showed me this little game to play on my phone, called Crossy Road. The point of this game is to go as far as you can by crossing roads, railroads, and rivers. You get gold for beating your score, and you collect some on your way too. Then, using that gold you can buy a present, which contains a different character for you to hop with! Those are usually paid, you can buy them all, but isn’t it great to just win one instead?

My favorite so far was the slow-but-fast edition grandma, that forms into a different yoga pose with every jump. And a bunny rabbit that kept bubbling hearts. But the top of them all is this scary cat below. The character changes the look of the game too, making it darker, redder, bluer, filled with jolly things, or Halloween pumpkins. And I bloody love it all.



BioShock Infinite

I had a chance to install and try out BioShock Infinite, which I got for 1 euro back in the day, during some kind of promotion. Tis the season for getting all the Steam cards, crafting badges, and getting extra 2016 Winter Sale cards to sell/trade.

So far I really enjoy it, it’s beautiful, and the reminder of the first games is very smoothly passed along at the very start of it. There’s much to explore, as I see, but I get motion sickness easily, so I’ve two choices: slow progress, or less exploring. So we’ll see how that all goes.

GTA5 in a nutshell

Heist. 4 people needed for some reason, to take this one dude to safety.

1 ran off to wherever the hell they felt like.

2 kept driving to destination that was meant to be reached by water.

We took the guy out, the two former ones took him into the car and went on.

The one from before kept swimming about with a brand new boat, taking out helicopters as they came with rockets. I landed exactly 2 shots with regular MG (I take pilots out when I can).

I thought I’ll just go with them, so I got a car (mine was a bit busted, but the kiddo who rammed into my ass – apologized, so we’re good), and went ahead. Figured I’ll make a cut through the woods.

GPS stops working off road, so I got lost five meters in, I feel. Busted that car up real nice, found the road, took it tidily.

Didn’t make it to destination, got 22k for that.

So in conclusion: WHY ARE ALL HEISTS 4 PLAYERS? Where’s the main-story co-op? Take example from Saints Row. Heck, 99% of the video games out there should take example from Saints Row when it comes to co-op story-telling.


Got my copy of GTA5, courtesy of a friend. For one, I really want to thank you all for all the books and video games you gave me this year (yes, e-books count), it really gave me many hours of escape from the nightmare I live in so far. And if/when things get better, I’ll get back to you, my lovelies.


The past two days it was my little obsession. There’s a lot to do in multiplayer, but I see how many people I co-op with wouldn’t like it all that much. You can and will get killed by other players. In the end, you will kill them too. Stories are real fun tho, much like Saints Row, with tongue-and-cheek humor from NPC’s and childish fits there and here from actual human beings behind characters (I’m not joking, some take taking the wheel very seriously and will leave the match if you don’t let them drive).

There’s lots of cool racing (not just regular racing, but sumo, tron, and such, regular too of course), heists, pick-up-and-take-there missions, HUGE map to explore, lots of small, fun and funny activities. We spent time playing golf, tennis, darts, swimming around, diving, arm wrestling, took a ride or two at the amusement park, went to a shooting range where it turned out I make good time. Yes, been to a strip club, yes, painted my hair green, yes, drove across the ramps, missed by a wheel, crashed into a wall, and got obliterated by a fighter plane.

Mind you, some players are real cool and chill. So play with caution, keep your money in the bank, and make sure you indulge in that radio in the car. Oh, and watch your char. S/he may be mute, but there’s body language that works well.