Vision Board

“The question isn’t can you handle the situation. The question is, can you handle your mind? Can you manage the thoughts and the emotions that are trying to poison your progress. Forget managing the situation. Manage your mind. Training your mind to sit calmly in the eye of the storm. ” – Will Smith


Vision Board

1.Once Burned; 2. Twice Tempted; 3. Bound by Flames; 4. Into the Fire

1. Captive Prince; 2. Prince’s Gambit; 3. Kings Rising

1. A Darker Shade of Magic; 2. A Gathering of Shadows; 3. A Conjuring of Light

The Hate U Give | How to be a Bawse | YNWOTI by Felicia Day

1. The Magpie Lord; 2. A Case of Possession; 3. Flight of Magpies