Peter Likes Books

I found this wonderful charismatic persona on YouTube (BookTube variation). Of course, I found him due to people who are capable of noticing these wonderful gem channels, for I myself am a little lame about it… So, it’s more like, they found him, and showed him to me.

Peter is American, married to a wonderful man, with a bunch of dogs. A son of an alcoholic mother he himself fought, and won against his own addictions, and today we can watch him on four channels, where he actively posts every day! I mostly love leaving his longest vlogs on, even if I already watched it, to play in the background while I do home chores. Feels like having a friend around, since he’s the kind who still wishes to find more people, friends, and all of mine live very far away, so it makes sense to watch a “friend” (who, in this case, doesn’t know you even) on their vlogs. Yes, I’m a bit weird.

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[Promo] Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

I really enjoy simple slice-of-life YouTube channels, vlogs, or just people with great personalities. And YouTube recommended was been real kind to me recently! Besides getting a handful of new booktubers to follow, I found this wonderful woman here: Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

Her channel has good structure, and she makes all kinds of great videos. From beauty stuff, to music, to, my personal favorites, story times. I like Asian cultures in general, but I don’t believe in only taking the good parts from any of the culture, so this is a double win here: she does not sugar coat, and she does speak about the bad things too in every day life in (this case) Korea.

Eat your sushi love for Quinn from LT

Some time ago, not even that long ago, I think about a month back, when I had spare cash I went ahead and grabbed my pen to paint two loveliest people on YouTube: Simon and Martina from Eat Your Sushi, formerly known as Eat Your Kimchi: [link]; [link2];

I wrote a short letter, thinking these people are flooded with fan mail, I should make it short to not burden them (which, I think, it’s a bit of a mistake, they’re very nice people, they might have appreciated what I cared to say). The most important part were two paintings.


I do paintings as part of my own fundraiser, and just as commissions. But sometimes one just wants to paint, and who better than people that make you smile ❤

As time went by, I started worrying. These are definitely not my best drawings, while I love the colors I managed to put into them, I started dreading the day they open it, and think “who the shit painted this with their nose?!”

AND TODAY WAS THE DAY! If you turn to 6 minutes in the video, they speak of paintings sent by Quinn from Lithuania (they kindly didn’t use the name on the envelope, for which I am grateful) WHICH IS ME, and they said “excellent portraits”!! AAH!! MY FIVE SECONDS OF FAME! ❤

Thank You, Simon and Martina, for being the highlight of my very bad month. I hope you two are forever happy, and never again get any food poisonings, and find lots of new wonderful flavors of chips to try!