Promo | Garrett Watts

This was so fun to watch, I must recommend. I know nothing of Garrett Watts, other than what I saw over on Shane Dawson videos, but hey, a bright smile is always a good call, I say.


BookTube | P.S. I Love That Book

So, after all the shit that happened thanks to some horrible people over on YouTube, the said YouTube decided to change their algorithms again, and the rules while they’re at it. One of the rules cracks down hard on small YouTubers, for it pretty much cuts them off, takes their partnerships away. Now you have to have quite a large sum of subscribers and a hellish hour count of views to have it. Meaning, small YouTubers will simply be buried by the algorithm, and we’ll continue “enjoying” the already big YouTubers who have the time, the means, and the YouTube support behind them due to having partnerships, and possibly – no day jobs to interfere with video making.

But hey, we can help! Here you see one of my favorite people out there, Hannah from P.S. I Love That Book, and yes I am very biased, and not just because I joined her made project of book blogging. At times I enter her videos via the jewelry she wears or even unboxes. But you might find her interesting too, since she’s a sweet and jolly person, passionate about what she does.

So what can we do? Well, first of all, subscribe. Second of all: go to their profiles, your favorite small YouTube’ers, or Hannah here, and click “play all”. Next you can just mute the video or the whole tab (right click on the tab), and just leave it there, playing. It might work, it might not, but we have to try, right? (I do greatly believe that indifference more often than not is as evil as doing purposely evil thing)

Promo // V.E. Schwab // YouTube

Some of you may know, some probably don’t, but V.E. Schwab (Victoria Schwab) is one of my favorite authors. I’ve a few, but she’s definitely in Top3 of mine. And, some time ago, I praised her on Tumblr, which led to her liking that status, and me finding all of her social media, because I’ve this stalk-y personality where if I like you – I want to have you everywhere. Lucky for me, she has all the social media, and is fairly active everywhere, and is very much a down-to-earth person one can actually reach, and have a conversation with. My favorite is her YouTube, because that’s where the giant fluffy kitteh sometimes rolls in to see what the heck’s going on. Oh, and the book shelves. Those are real nice.


Don’t worry that sometimes her videos say “3 weeks”, because she always comes back, so just subscribe, and enjoy the old videos in the mean time. Especially if you’re an aspiring author, she has some good ideas, good thoughts, and good methods to share!

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[Promo] Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

I really enjoy simple slice-of-life YouTube channels, vlogs, or just people with great personalities. And YouTube recommended was been real kind to me recently! Besides getting a handful of new booktubers to follow, I found this wonderful woman here: Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

Her channel has good structure, and she makes all kinds of great videos. From beauty stuff, to music, to, my personal favorites, story times. I like Asian cultures in general, but I don’t believe in only taking the good parts from any of the culture, so this is a double win here: she does not sugar coat, and she does speak about the bad things too in every day life in (this case) Korea.